I just wouldn’t have a dog I wouldn’t allow on my bed ๐Ÿ˜•

So I guess that answers the question of whether I can foster or not. Depends on what the other rescue places say.

But truthfully I am so happy just me and Boss. It’s getting darker earlier, day light savings is ending soon. I love when it gets dark early! I want to get up early and focus on university studies. I know I clearly look like I have no self control but in all honesty I just truly am giving up vaping weed for my studies. That doesn’t automatically mean all the pain I live in just disappears.

Manifestation is real. I know I am manifesting everything that is happening. The Universe is definitely helping me some what though, given multiple times in the past two days technically has fucked me over, stopping me from saying and sending messages or uploading videos I probably shouldn’t.

I knew that I would stop smoking weed after my script from my weed specialist arrives. So the fact that MAFS finishes this week and Rachel said she would pick up the box with everything in it. So the fact that she had a cancellation tomorrow tomorrow is fantastic. I am absolutely wrecked. I only took one Ritalin when I got up.

It’s 6:11pm. I overate lollies then had a simple meal but again, ate to much. So now I feel ill.

My Baby โ™ก

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