It took all day but part two of the online volunteer job training is finally completed πŸ˜…πŸ₯³

Oh and today I have had music on all day and it wasn’t a distraction 😁 think it depends on the music though πŸ€” πŸ˜…

I asked Google to put music on this morning. Started of with Bring Me The Horizon and then has played a range of songs that have been perfect as background noise instead of dead silence. But not distracting either which was good.

I’ve also realised something else.. it’s the perfect weekend to give up weed except for special occasions for the sake of university and that is that I definitely don’t want to be vaping when I start this volunteer job.

I’m so happy Rachel is happy to weed sit for me. Besides my babies that are still growing, I’m hoping it can be gone by Sunday which is her day off. That way I can just have a capsule for Monday and a joint rolled for Monday night when I get home from Nichele’s place.

Then that’s it. And I am feeling really good about it! But I’m mildly stooned now and not sure if I want to keep smoking or oen the last training lol

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