Day 61: 28th February 2022 | Part 4 | My websites motto 😁 + the Google Hub overrides my phones DND πŸ˜…

Was in the shower listening to music on my phone, with it set to do not disturb. The music still stopped when Grant called, because the Google Hub rung πŸ™„

A friend of mine messaged me while I was in the shower and said I had gone viral. I was like what? But he didn’t actually mean in the typical sense..

Another friend also messaged me about the video earlier today, saying how much she laughed and enjoyed it πŸ˜„

I did end up watching it again though, just to be extra sure that I am ok with it. I am. As I knew I would be. I mean I want to tell stories on a stage in front of thousands πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

But to do that, I need to actually write stories. I just get really in my head when I try to write my stories down. This is why I prefer making the videos the way I do. And why I have now realised my site’s motto is…

‘You can’t edit real life, so I don’t edit my videos’ πŸ˜†

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