My website is currently missing two things that are immediately obvious to me..

A contents page for easier viewing and time stamps on the blogs. I know the settings have them but I want to know at what time throughout each day, things are happening.

So, moving forward everything will be time stamped. I will try a few different ways.

And I will do some homework on how to utilise the premium functions I pay for, for my website, and learn how to make it much easier to find things.

Because I’m the owner and author of this website, yet even I’ve decided I don’t like it as it is.

This should be fun given my level of anxiety using technology… which is fear.. irrational fear which I am 100% aware of..

Oh gosh, the neighbours are still at it. But I hear cars starting and no more yelling so hopefully that means I can sleep..

Nope, I can still hear them. I’m taking some melatonin and going to sleep. 9.25pm.

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