Dear Mr X |9th February 2022

You’re on my mind. You usually are. I guess that’s because I can always feel you with me.

I got questioned again, this time by Graham, if I am sure it’s not just the memory or idea of you that I love. Not actually you.

As I always say, “I don’t know Mr X anymore. Not here in reality in 3D earth. Nor do I trust him. It’s unconditional love that I feel for him”..

I mean, obviously I can’t trust you. That much is for certain. If you were to end up single, of course I would want to see you, but to be able to ever trust someone who lied the way you have would take a great deal of time. Your wife must truly love you too to have had two children with you. Especially since it was them you lied about when I asked if you had children on the phone. You said no, when in fact you had two.

Thankfully since opening this website, allowing me to talk to you like this has helped enable me to no longer reference you in person nearly as often anymore. Like I have said in past blogs and videos, you were literally the reason I got clean, went to university, all the ways in which I changed my life for the better, only to finally realise I have to do it for me or not at all.

But today I just feel so connected to you. I love you every bit as much now as I did back then. Perhaps even more so in a way because of how it makes me feel when I tap into our higher energies ♡ oh and it obviously goes without saying, I love your kids too. They’re a part of you. I even send your wife love because I now realise she must love you every bit as much as I do.

So I explained to Graham a shorter condensed version of our story and yeah he wasn’t sure what to say. Especially when I was like.. “I’m pretty sure if someone was to find out who Mr X is and contact him, he would respond by saying.. ‘I love my wife and my beautiful children. I met her [me] during a bad patch in my life. Unfortunately she has these delusional beliefs about she and I” or words to that effect 😝

But yeah, what can I say lol.. it’s 2.46am on Wednesday 9th February 2022 and I need to go read and reply to Rachel’s message..

Mr X, I love you, and I truly hope you are happy 🥰

Love Liv x

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