Day 7: 5th January 2022 – Boss got attacked

I made this video a few minutes before 1pm.

It is now 5.01pm and I have used my vape since making thevideo. I am still in so much pain that I have taken the max amount of pain meds I can take for now, so I’m using my vape as thats what it’s for.

Though given the tolerance break was to help it work better, two days hasn’t overly helped with that, but it’s helping a little bit ad a little is better than nothing helping my pain levels at all.

Now that I’ve finished posting my other blogs, I am going to go lie down on my bed and find a movie to watch. I’ve still got plenty of leftover snack type of food from birthday so thankfully I have a frozen pizza that I can just put in the oven, as that’s about all the energy I have left.

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