How am I supposed to be bedridden for two weeks when I live alone??🥺🥹😥

Forget mentally and emotionally, but physically?? I am screwed 😭

And so the the fact that I am alone physically when I desperately need help, and a lot of it, yet, can’t receive it because so many variables, make me sad anyway 😢

I have cried a lot this evening. I have tears in my eyes right now and the are spilling because right now I am in so much pain so much pain and yet I don’t honestly know how even use the sling most effectively for my rib to heal and can’t drive to any clinics and I just don’t truthfully know what I am going to do 😐

But, I guess I do know that I have come this far and a broken rib isn’t going to break me. Though I must say holy fucking moly I feel absolutely terrible and am in excruciating pain. So much pain I just want to sleep for the next few days 😴

If I disappear for a few days you all know why now 😅

Sleeping or thinking about sleeping as well as typing this out has helped me stop crying. I appreciate you 🥰

I will be ok. This is what I am reminding myself. That and the recent new life motto that came to me … everything is on my side

I have googled to see how the sling but am going to look again. I just have to try and stay as possible until someone I know can help me ☺️

What a roller-coaster … glad it has stopped

8:09 pm

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