Day 503: 16th May 2023 | Feeding the horses with Cassidy and her sister πŸ˜

I am having a lovely day today. I knew I was heading to Cassidy’s place for the day, though, I left my house much later than I thought I would πŸ˜…

Every time I move wrong or breathe too deeply I feel like I’m being stabbed, the pain is worse and now there is a lump protruding from the spot that hurts, which wasn’t there before. I have called the CT scan place that is in the same building as my doctor to book an appointment to make sure I get it scanned when there 😊

Back from the horses now and getting ready for dinner. I love being here with Cassidy and her family πŸ₯°

5:08 pm

Uploading at 8:40 pm

update: I am about halfway through this video and the quality is terrible 10 pm

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