I need to get in the shower but my book is so good I just want to read all day ☺️

I have to take Boss to the vet in an hour though and absolutely need to wash my hair before going anywhere.

I also need to get petrol and go to the supermarket and past Juices work to put cardboard in the skip.

I am somewhat amused by the stories I told last night in my video 😂

I have said all along that I will be sharing everything eventually, I just find it really funny when I need to disclose something to make a story make sense, but haven’t the time or energy to explain the side story in detail 😅😆

Thankfully, given im not ashamed of my past and share everything I do so others know they aren’t alone, sharing a snippet of a story from over 9 years ago, is definitely funny. Especially since I haven’t actually watched the video as yet.

I might catch up on watching my videos later on I think. It’s 11:19 am and im still in pjs on my couch 🙄

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