Day 502: 15th May 2023 | I have way more to watch to catch up on myself than I realised ๐Ÿ˜†

I have been going over the video I made last night in my mind today, slightly amused at how awkwardly I tried to explain what I did as a job once over … I honestly don’t know as a lot of the timeline in my head is slightly off … but more than eight at least.

Nothing in my past bothers me as I have made peace with it. I am more about the here and now. What does bother me is telsszling a story wrong. I mean, I don’t plan any of my videos so it’s not like that, but, last night I just hadn’t realised until I was in the middle of my story that for me to continue I only felt it was right to tell it the same way I told it to Andrew and Juice, yet, even as I say that, I  know it was nothing like that, because they already knew the info I disclosed, so the story flowed naturally.

Anyway, I am amused to see it, though I have heaps, it appears to watch before last night’s one, and I had forgotten some of them were around the 15-minute mark. The funniest thing, after making this video and now writing this, I think I may even take some of this out and put it into last night’s description, I don’t know.

Boss has had his bandage removed and his foot looks weird. I have posted pictures on my website

I finally managed to get groceries, and I bought a second-hand air fryer for $20 that I picked up. I was meant to go past Juice’s work but I did everything much later than I had thought I would. Oh, and I got petrol too.

I am wrecked on everything level and already feeling like what I explained in tonight’s video is happening, where I just need to put some Netflix on and relax. I think I might catch up on myself on Wednesday when I don’t have any plans lol

You know what I just hit play on Day 492 and I do want to watch lol

Goodnight xx

5:28 pm

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