I have so many opinions about everything 不不不不


I pay for my own website and for a premium site no less, simply because I have no one to talk to in reality and I quite literally start going mad without someone to talk to. But I’ve lived in isolation for so long now, im starting to wonder if it’s …

Yeah I have no idea how to end that. Isn’t it frustrating when there’s no end to the story lol I think I’m trying to say, that, maybe I’m starting to prefer it. I think the level of isolation I live with combined with the duration, explains a great deal of my detachment. I only just realised that now, as I wrote it! 聆綽

Seriously people, I am going to keep on repeating this, I highly recommend either writing down your thoughts or talking to your camera; most phones have them, and just let you be yourself.

Who are you, dear reader?

I share because I am alone in my home with my dog, yet I feel more connected and aware … I don’t know how to end that either ..

But that’s probably because I decided fuck it earlier since the first lot of THC oil worked, but not for long and the second smaller amount did nothing, and had a bong. Only this time I put absolutely no tobacco in it whatsoever, and it was much better

I am very tired now, so, getting into bed. Haven’t managed anymore cardboard cutting but back hurts way too much to try .

9:24 pm

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