This afternoon was indeed interesting, and I finally got a picture!!😁🤩

Too stoned and tired to actually relay any of this afternoon so I dare say that will be the topic for tomorrow’s video.

I do however want to share these pictures I haven’t had a picture that includes the entire piece when all coloured. Now I do 😃

It’s still not finished but I plan to get my arm and quotes done before I spend any more money on this 😅

I’m going to lie on my bed with my weighted blanket and watch the last of the series I am watching and then find something else. I’m in a lot of pain, and as nice as the massage was it didn’t help ease my pain in any way. In fact, I was in pain from lying on the massage bed, but the massage just wasn’t strong enough to be making any difference. I asked several times for him to please do the massage firmer but the pressure only changed for a minute or so before it was back to relaxation which in my mind was basically just rubbing oil on me. It wasn’t really helping. So, I got up. He said show me what you want so massaged his neck and again told him I am in a lot of pain and I booked a massage to work on my knots, which I also said right at the start. I am in so much pain everyone. I asked him if he could massage my shoulders as I showed him and he said no, so, I said, well, there’s no point in continuing with the massage still it wasn’t helping me in the slightest. I told him I’m still the same person who you just spent the past over hour and so talking with but your massages don’t help me. I’m being honest, please don’t take it personally. Yet, still, it felt like the dynamic and energy changed. Once again I voiced this. I felt like all of a sudden I was in a room with a pelting child. But I had still enjoyed everything else, yet I felt uncomfortable in my own home for a few minutes there, but we ended up talking in the end and are fine.

I’ve just missed a chunk of today’s story out but my pain levels are rising and I must put my phone away and lie down.

Goodnight x

6:30 pm

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