Day 495: 5th May 2023 | I am taking apart my old bed and exhausted already πŸ˜…

I have no idea if I said the correct date in this video πŸ˜†

I am about to take the mattress of my old bed and start pulling it apart so that I can sleep in my new bed tonight 😁

Please send me energy vibes so I can get through this ☺️

12:51 pm

Update: I have now managed to get the old base apart and the mattress into the hallway. My gosh, the mattress is so heavy!

This was way harder than I anticipated πŸ˜…
I had no idea it was as heavy as it is
Going to put a sign on my letterbox saying free queen base and mattress and to knock on my door if someone wants it

I am absolutely wrecked on every level. I sat down to have a break since this kind of physical activity usually fucks me up the next few days, and since I have work tomorrow I need to be ok 🫣

I called my mechanic and let him know that I will take my car in on Monday as I just don’t have the energy to drive anywhere now 🫒

I still need to vacuum my room and put my new bed up, which, I am praying is as easy as it says on the website. Then make the bed, and tidy the rest of my room before crashing in front of Disney+ to watch Guardians of the Gallery 2. I was pleasantly surprised last night watching the first one. I actually enjoyed it, though I did think it had a lot of “Star Wars” vibes about it πŸ™‚

Right now, I am going to have a vodka. And maybe a small bong. I have no idea what is going on with my THC oil given I took 0.3mls this morning at approximately 9 am and nothing has happened and it’s now 2:14 pm. I have taken this amount before and have always felt the effects in roughly 2.5 to 3 hours. I’ve checked the expiry just in case, though I wouldn’t have thought I’d need to but it says December 2023.

I’m going to have to call the pharmacy to ask of there is anything that could stop the THC from activating

I know I keep saying I’m getting rid of the bong and I think after this weekend I may give it to someone to look after. But in the meantime, my pain levels are high and steadily increasing and I still have so much to do, so, I am going to have one since it helps immediately.

Please send me good vibes xx

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