Smoking weed and philosophical thinking ✨️

What activities do you lose yourself in?

Google: Stoner Philosophy

It looks like I’ll be applying for my Philosophy Honours Degree first after all 😅

Having not realised that domestic university fees and domestic commonwealth-supported fees are different until being told on Wednesday, when I called the university about the degree I want to do, I double-checked the fees at my current university I am currently at and want to do my philosophy degrees in. I was so sure the honours degree had the cheaper commonwealth fees, which is why I didn’t have a clue they were different across degrees but I have seen that it is thankfully the more affordable rates. I’m definitely feeling like more and more things keep confirming that is the degree I’m supposed to do next.

My friend from uni who organised my new client is coming to stay tonight, which I’m excited about. It’s been so long since we saw each other ☺️

So, I now have to make a move on my uni assignment. I have no recollection of any alarms going off this morning. I didn’t hear a thing until Andrew knocked on my door at 9 am, which I’m so grateful about 🙏

It is now 1:52 pm. I am going to write a short description for the video I was finally able to upload onto my YouTube channel. Thankfully it turns out that I can put the sd card from the camera straight into my laptop, enabling me to transfer it fast enough.

Still, I saved it to a folder on my desktop that I’m going to sync to my backup storage, yet when I selected it to upload, it took over two and a half hours.

Only now am I wondering if it has something to do with how the file is saved, but I thought all videos were 4mp, so I’ll have to check. Does the information below ⬇️ look normal to the next person? 🤔

Anyway, time for me to get a move on with what needs to be done ✔️ 😁

Time to share here, then focus on my lab report 🤓

Ah, all these quotes ⬇️ are so accurate as far as I’m concerned 💯

I would rather teach teenagers and young adults about cannabis and all it can do than ever try to convince someone not to do it 😝

I have said for as many years as I can remember that if everyone smoked weed (vaped, ingested etc.) the world would be a much better place. I wholeheartedly believe this 💗

Time to stop messing around and do some actual work 😬😆

2:22 pm

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