New lesson learnt ✨️

When in crippling level pain, don’t paint your toes since you have to sit in an awkward position to do so 😬😮‍💨

One thing for sure that I have finally seen in my mind’s eye, which will hopefully allow me to start implementing it better, is, seeing the order in which I need to work through the unit’s weekly content and then breaking them into hour chunks each with breaks, so I don’t lose my focus by doing the same thing for too long.

It took me all day to go through this week’s seminar. It wasn’t until I was more than halfway through the recording that I realised the reason I was so confused is that I needed to read the seminar tutorial guides while watching. I am also meant to do the learning objectives first. So that will be Friday’s job.

I’ve put my toast on and having teabag soaking.

It’s time for me to stop sharing and put my phone away ☺️😋😴

10:55 pm

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