I just ate a red chili in Thai leftovers, and now my mouth is on fire 🥵

I woke up at 3:30 pm. I have class tomorrow at 9 am. I need to reset my body clock. I haven’t done any of what I wanted for uni, nor have I tried dabbing, which I really want to. I think I’m too tired to do anything. I also need to invest in a vice or find someone who has one who won’t mind letting me borrow it for a bit. I just don’t think even attempting it using a hair straighter is a good idea, given how much strength I need to apply using my hands for it to work. My hands hurt just holding my phone and typing this.

Truthfully, I’m going to ask Andrew what he suggests when I see I’m next. Though I am fully expecting to be given shit and told I owe him $20, given it’s Sunday at 6 pm, the end of week one at uni, and I have not done everything I needed to. I’m not quite see why either except for how much I’ve been sleeping this week 😴

I seriously considered watching my seminar this evening, but I know there’s no point since I decided not to take any Ritalin to ensure I sleep properly tonight. Just reading nosleep stories on Reddit is more than enough since I have read the same sentences and paragraphs over and over again.

I know I can get caught up this week since it is only week one, but I actually have to do it. I’m feeling good, though. Staying in flow and not allowing my mind to take over.

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