I am feeling so happy and proud πŸ˜Œ

It’s 4:18 am ☺️

I have just finished putting the first six weeks of learning objectives and lecture slides together and feeling so happy that I have 😁

Why I’ve been trying to make myself fit into a box when it comes to getting up at the “right” time to be a morning person when it is abundantly clear that I am not one is honestly beyond me πŸ˜‚

But I can now take these with me when I go out and don’t know if I’ll be waiting for appointments, such as my dentist appointment tomorrow. I’m going to make a short video now while I smoke the last of my joint and then go to bed 😴

Thankfully I always try to make all of my appointments in the afternoon so I can at least set my alarm for 10 or 11 am πŸŒ„

The lecture slides are only uploaded until the trimester break so once the rest of them are uploaded, I will add them to the the weeks learning objectives at the time πŸ€“

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