The first class of Trimester 1 2023 is done! πŸ˜πŸ₯³

I snoozed through all of my alarms, even the one across my room which I got up and turned off, so I am very happy Boss woke me to go outside just over 10 minutes before the class started at 9 am πŸ˜…

In all fairness to myself though, I was still awake at some ungodly hour in the morning around 1:30-2 am 🀨

I have to admit, if for no other reason than to continue to hold myself accountable, that, in the end, I did not fill my pillbox and therefore skipped a day of my meds, besides the two lots of Ritalin I took. I was highly aware of this, but, in the end, decided one day wouldn’t kill me. I know this is the wrong attitude, so this is why it’s so important that I keep it full before I completely run out. Filling them is the first thing I need to do after posting this ☺️

The class was really good. The lecturer is cool and the content was less heavy than the previous trimester, and week one is the most content heavy for this unit so I’m feeling good so far. I will be putting the weekly learning objective notes with the class slides once I have taken care of my pills πŸ’Š

I’m not sure what I’ve done but it could be from overdoing it yesterday but my right wrist really hurts. In a very specific place. Not helpful since I am right handed. One finger typing this isn’t helping but when I need to share, I share. That’s what I do πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Out of everything in my life, this is the one thing that always feels right πŸ₯°

But it’s 10:17 am on Monday the 6th of March 2023 and I have plenty to do, so I better get on with it, talk later πŸ‘‹

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