Day 418: 18th February 2023 | I’ve been asleep most of today πŸ˜΄

Now that the uni trimester is over, I feel like all the exhaustion I’ve been pushing through has hit me at once. I need to sleep and rest.

My friend who I’ve recently reconnected with and have been to talking to a lot since. She has dropped a support client even though I wasn’t looking, yet she knew it’d be perfect for me and it is but has also recommended a cleaner she uses, who I just got off the phone with before making this video, is coming to clean my house on Monday afternoon.

I’m absolutely exhausted after the insane drive to and from where I went yesterday and speaking to my friend for over two hours.

I am feeling incredibly grateful right now. When my mind isn’t running at a million miles per hour, my vibrations are nice and aligned. I just have to keep remembering my new life’s motto “everything is o my side”.

You’d be surprised by the power such a simple thing like having a motto to remind yourself of whenever you need it. “The low isn’t worth the high” saved me a lot during the first year or so on the odd occasion I would think of ice or have a craving. Those days are long gone thankfully, but you can see yourself in many of my videos what stress, anxiety and overwhelm can do to me.

I am happy to be able to rest and not worry about my house now that I have someone to clean it for me. It’s only 7:48 pm and I’m probably going to fall asleep pretty soon.

Goodnight everyone πŸ’•

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