I’m honestly surprised that I’m still awake at 7:18 pm πŸ˜…πŸ˜΄

So, firstly I will say, the noodles are growing on me πŸ˜†

Though I’m thinking that the combination of not having any of my daytime Ritalin and vaping a decent amount since getting home has something to do with it. I’m just happy they are super easy to cook and do what it’s supposed to since we all need to eat. I’m still loving making porridge for breakfast which is so yummy.

I’ve just remembered something Andrew suggested to do which makes perfect sense so therefore I’d like to do it as soon as I can and that is laminate the hydrotherapy plan I have so that I can take it with me so I actually do the exercises. I don’t know why but I just really want to start straight away. I don’t need to pay for a class or need someone to go with. Though I still want to go and hang out with Andrew on the days he wants to go. I’ve started doing at least one of the exercises I can do at home and am proud of myself.

I get the feeling tomorrow might be another quiet simple day but if I do wake up feeling energetic, I’m going to start by changing my sheets. Only thinking about one thing at a time to keep my tired brain dead mind at ease.

All in all I have had a great day ☺️

It’s 7:32 pm and I am going to sleep now 😴

Goodnight πŸ₯°

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