Day 410: 12th February 2023 | I thought I had already uploaded this πŸ˜…πŸ˜†

Considering it’s 10:39 pm on Sunday the 11th of February, I’m glad I remembered it before going to sleep. I went to transfer to my website and that’s when I realised.

I’m sore and exhausted and just can’t shake the feeling of being so over everything So emotionally drained to the point where I just want to sleep, too stay in bed and ignore reality. This world makes me sad but usually I can deal with it. Right now however, I am extremely fragile and vulnerable and need everything else in my life to be as simple as possible.

I am thinking that maybe going to the hydro heated pool that I really wish I’d listened to when Andrew first mentioned it, in the morning to help me feel better. Ideally the earlier the better but unless I have someone waking me up to go with me, I am still at mercy as to what will happen in the morning when I wake up.

Time to go to sleep now. Sweet dreams everyone xx

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