Day 406: 8th February 2023 | It took all day but my assignment is finally submitted πŸ™Œ

Though I did have a breakdown around 3 pm so went and bought a bottle of vodka.

I had really wanted to submit my assignment before I started vaping weed but after crying my eyes out in a panic attack, I realised that I wasn’t helping myself by not taking it.

Thankfully, once I did, I was able to see what I hadn’t been able to all day and was able to complete my assignment.

It was due at 8 pm. I submitted it at 7:30 pm πŸ˜…

Now I’m going to get in bed and smoke some more weed ☺️

Update: I got so many mosquito bites, sitting outside making this video πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

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