I’m so happy with my new camera 📷 ☺️

Especially now since I’ve actually taken it out of the box 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Right now I’m just putting it on a charge while I vacuum. Slowly but surely I am working my way through getting my place back to a state where I will then be able to focus since mess causes me anxiety and anxiety means I can’t study properly and that’s what has always led to me spiralling which I am actively working my ass off to learn how not to do.

Also, quick side note, I’m well aware the last blog I posted has no end or point, but I stopped writing to get something I wanted to say and didn’t want to stuff up and then immediately forgot, which meant I totally forgot about the blog for awhile and when I remembered it was either a) publish exactly as it was, or b) not publish do to being in the middle of something else.

I have so many draft blogs it’s almost unbelievable. So, now, I have decided, in this exact moment no less, 6:17 pm, that since I share all of my videos without even watching them first, that a few unfinished blogs that I can always come back to later if want, is better than a wasted story sitting in a draft folder.. even if this al only for me

Tool is playing on Spotify while I sit here pondering the Universe and all that we can’t yet see with our human 3D eyes 💞

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