Day 393: 26th January 2023 | It’s only 8:02 pm, and I’m going to sleep 😴

It’s been a strange day. Far more than this short little video, but unfortunately, once I’ve been hit with this nausea that seems to come on when eating 🤢

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, which I’m grateful about ☺️

Right now, I am in bed, and Boss is lying next to me on top of the duvet. It’s still board daylight but I don’t care. My body needs to sleep. I know this. If I didn’t now take Ritalin, I am absolutely positive that I would have had no choice but to stop and properly rest 🤨

Hmm all I can do is keep trying to stay grounded in the now and remember that no matter what I do, I am worthy. We all are. Exactly the way you are.

You are worthy. I promise you that.

You have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain by simply repeating what’s below out loud xx

I am worthy. I am worthy. I am worthy!

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