Day 392: 25th January 2023 | I hate myself right now and I can’t stop crying😭😭😭

Content Warning ⚠️

I stuffed up and didn’t hang up the phone fast enough when someone called me saying there was a security problem with my internet.

I didn’t give them any information but they asked me to run a speed test and I have no idea if it did something else.

I hung up on him and immediately called my internet company who confirmed what I already knew which was they would be the ones to call me if there were any security issues.

I had to shut my laptop down immediately and then change the password for my internet.

Should have been easy but it is not. I followed the instructions exactly as they were given to me but no matter what it wouldn’t work.

Now, the old password and all the new passwords I tried creating are not working. I couldn’t stop crying each time it failed so she offered to call me back in an hour to give me time to calm down.

I am so upset and worried about why I can’t access my wifi at all now, plus angry that I’m in this situation to begin with.

At least my vape has helped me calm down which is good since not even Boss is interested in being with me.

I’m a 37 year old who needs a teddy bear just to feel like I have someone to hug.

This has really rocked me. I feel so alone.

UPDATE: Everything is fixed now. 9:03 pm

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