I’ve resorted to asking the lovely people on Reddit for some advice on how to eat πŸ˜…

My head is absolutely pounding and has been most of the day 😫

I’ve managed to eat the last of the pie from earlier after vaping some nighttime indica weed. Hmm I wonder if the different strain’s effect my appetite, I do seem to be able to eat dinner once I’ve finished whatever I’m doing for the day πŸ€”Β 

I think I’ll look into it. I’m willing to try just about anything given how rapidly my exam is approaching and how much work I still have to do on top of studying for that ☺️

I’m lying on my bed now with Netflix on. I can barely keep my eyes open from the pain caused by this absolute whopper of a headache 😫

Plus Boss is mad at me because I’ve barely been able to stay upright these past few days let alone be strong enough to walk him. It’s his 10th birthday tomorrow so I will take him to the dog before my physio appointment πŸ•

Nor can I get my gums to stop bleeding therefore I’ve been tasting and spitting blood all afternoon and evening πŸ˜–

7:55 PM

Update: I have just now seen that the inside of one side of my mouth has numerous cuts which are causing the bleeding 😲

I honestly don’t remember seeing them earlier but at the same time couldn’t actually see any bleeding around my gums and had just figured it was coming feom somewhere I couldn’t see πŸ˜†

Either way, it’s now 9:07 pm and I feel physically nauseous X 100! 🀒

I don’t know how to make them stop, though something in the back of my mind is saying to gargle warm salt water so I’ll look that up and try if I’m correct πŸ˜…

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