Day 388: 21st January 2023 | Just read the comments on my other posts 不不

The comments are unbelievable! Still trying to gaslight me, what a sad, sad small pathetic little man you are. Says more about you than me. People who don’t follow the rules with their dogs shouldn’t have them! Stay away from me!!!!!互

Fuck me; I’m here trying to help as many people as I can, and yet I’m being attacked by someone simply because I made the mistake of trusting him. Yuck 亢

Right, now that I have addressed that, I have just made a short video for now and where I’m at. I’ve got so much uni to do, as always, but the comments I have just read have made me want to work even harder to show that some of us are GOOD people!

To all of you out there doing the right thing, you are all amazing 弘

To those of you who aren’t, piss off, but don’t comment on my channel

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