Day 387: 20th January 2023 | Part 3 | Andrew saved the day!!☺️🥰

1 Year, 22 Days.

I couldn’t stop crying and I needed a hug so I messaged Andrew to see if he was around and asked him to come over if he could which he did 😌

I cried on his shoulder until I calmed down and he helped me like he always does to see the brighter side of things ✨️

I am so grateful to Andrew and all that he does to help me every single day 💞

Thankfully, I am feeling myself again and ready to start working on my uni stuff. I was seriously considering asking for another extension on the quiz but have decided in the grand scheme of things that given how much I have to do and the quiz only being worth 5% that it’s not worth it and whatever grade I get is fine 🙂

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