Day 386: 19th January 2023 | Part 3 | OMG I can now finally feel what I deep knew already ♡

The anger I have felt all of my life appears to be mostly gone, who knows, maybe gone entirely 🤷‍♀️

What I do know however is that by not reacting negatively to being told this person, this person who has walked into my life to help me see, just how much I need to ground myself back into reality, this person told me he let Boss of the lead after I specifically said that is an absolute must. Under no circumstances whatsoever was Boss to be let off the lead. This man however decided he knew my dog better than me and did it anyway.

I honestly feel like I’m in some kind of shock ae just simply in the sense that I did not react or something. Well, that and the fact that I Am genuinely starting to feel unwell now. Though I also smoked more weed than normal with my friend here, it’s barely helping the pain in certain places and this feeling of not being able to breathe properly is really f*cking with me..

I am so far behind in uni now and really struggling to take anything in. I think I have had to hit this point because if I end up getting sick I have to finally accept that I’m truly doing my best because right now I honestly feel like …..


I need to go to bed 🛌😴

11:02 pm

It’s now 11:44 pm and I’ve just remembered that I have vegan nacho mince in the fridge still which is fantastic since I’m starving 😋

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