Day 384: 17th January 2023 | Part 3 | I have spent more time talking to you all than anything else πŸ˜†

1 Year, 19 Days. It has just hit 4:03 pm.

I wanted to make an updated video regarding my doctor’s phone call and what she said.

I thought this video would be well under 10 minutes, but it went far longer than I expected. I don’t have any expectations regarding these videos except that I make at least one every day.

A part of what I love about making videos like this and why I highly recommend it as a way to learn about yourself since you don’t have to show anyone, though, for some reason, I have the thought to mention the following if you do want to do this if you are someone in a relationship or any situation where someone else finding your videos is detrimental to your safety, it is perhaps wise to use a locked hidden app where you can safely store your private things.

Anyway, back to my story, one big reason I love making videos like this is how much I love it and how it really highlights the areas in my life where I am not living congruently within myself. Recently I have become super aware that I have never mentioned the real reason, deep down, the reason for putting this plan to change my life into place. Still, upon making this video, I now see that what I thought was the original reason, the one ‘thought’ that truly changed it all, isn’t actually what started this all.

This whole thing started with love. And forgiveness. Love and forgiveness changed my life in a way I know I wouldn’t have believed if I hadn’t lived through it. So, in this sense, other people not understanding it is of no relevance to me since I completely agree it doesn’t sound believable, yet all you have to do is watch my videos and stories in order, and you can see exactly how much a person can change just in the space of one year and 19 days lol

Oh my, it’s 4:16 pm, and Bobby McFerrin’s, Don’t Worry Be Happy is playing…

My back is really hurting in this chair, so I might have to take my laptop to my room…

Please try to remember you are all awesome!

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