I’m feeling really out of it this evening πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

I don’t exactly even know how to explain what it is I’m experiencing, all I know is that I don’t feel good πŸ˜”

I have had a pounding headache for hours but it’s more than that now. Almost like I’m getting sick but not at the same time.

I know I am not making any sense. You should try being me right now πŸ˜–

It’s like I’m picking up on someone or something else but again have no idea how to explain how I feel.

I need to make something simple to eat since I feel like eating is going to be hard but I know I have to and then I’m getting into bed.

I have made a doctors appointment for a local doctor to discuss why I’m reacting to mosquito bites the way I am but if I’m still feeling like this tomorrow at least I am seeing a doctor πŸ€’

I also have a follow-up appointment for my eyes since I need them checked for a second time.

I have heard from my brother today who said my sister and her family came home from New Zealand today so hopefully, they are all ok. I know someone would tell me if anything ever happened that I needed to know. Though now that I have registered, I’ll be sending more light and love their way πŸ’•

It’s 8:08 pm and I haven’t managed to fully achieve anything today. Here’s hoping tomorrow is better πŸ™

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