Day 368: 1st January 2023 | Part 2 | I slept until 6 pm today πŸ˜΄πŸ˜†

Woke up to my house thermostat saying it was 36 degrees inside πŸ₯΅

Thankfully my air-conditioning is working great even though I turned it on so late πŸ€—

I’m feeling proud about something so silly but proud all the same since I went outside to brave the heat to finish emptying the crap in the grass bin I’ve never used before as I always thought it was so fill of ash and things like that but it turns out it most grass under the top stuff and for the first time ever I have put my green bin out so now I can start using it πŸ₯³

It’s 8:39 pm and I have finally fixed all the days that were mixed up on my videos. I still have to update them on my website but for now at least they are all correct here ☺️

Happy 2023 Everyone, I hope it’s better for all of us πŸ’•

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