I am so happy with how awesome my back lawn looks πŸ˜

Before pictures ⬆️ I forgot to move the bag I was using to pick up the dog poo before taking pictures πŸ˜…

I wanted to get it as nice as I possibly could because I get the feeling there’s a good chance that I might spend New Year’s Eve doing what I had initially planned to do on Christmas day πŸ€ͺ

Graham is spending it with his family and the awesome couple I met the last time I was at Graham’s place during trimester two, all of whom I would love to have a night of drinking with. He said he will find out if I can come, but given the roadworks between mine and his place, causing hours-long delays and the fact that I was in excruciating pain driving home on Boxing Day and the roadworks hadn’t started as yet, meaning the trip was only 45 minutes thankfully, but even that was too much for me, so I think it’s only wise to stay at home with Boss ☺️

The other part of what I’m thinking is that I feel like it will be the best, the most spiritual trip to end this year and welcome in the new one ❀️‍πŸ”₯

There is this peaceful new wonderful feeling that feels like it’s enveloping me and it’s honestly such a beautiful place to be πŸ₯°

It’s 4:15 pm and I have been resting on my bed while writing the last half of this blog, to allow my body and mind to rest a bit before I take Boss for a walkπŸ•

Given that I still have the rest of the house to vacuum it would be great if I could skip walking him but it’s been a few days since we went for a walk last due to how hot the past few days have been πŸ₯΅

But I think I am going to rest a bit longer and continue my online search for motorbike riding jeans. Andrew told me the name of a local place that sells gear and I can go in and try clothes on, so I think I will look at that store’s website first 😁

This is the reason I am going to rest just a bit longer lol πŸ˜… In my aim to do the best I could without having a whipper snipper, I ended up moving these plants. The one in the clay pot is beyond heavy but I was careful as I could be given I only had me to move them out of the way and then back again 😬🀭

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