Day 356: 27th December 2022 | It is sooo hot it’s 37 degrees outside 🥵

I’ve spent a great deal of today trying to decide if I wanted to order food delivery or not 😆

The fact that my card details weren’t saved is basically what stopped me from doing it, though 😅

Either way, I now have food cooking in the oven, so I’m happy with that 😋

Update: I received a completely uncalled for message by someone who has no right and even though I stayed calm and replied by letting this person know they were out of line and so I was going to block them, which I have; I’ve lost my appetite even though my food is now ready. Still in the oven but turned off.

And on top of that, my pain is getting worse. My left leg is aching. I like to have days when I only take my morning and night meds along with my vape, and it is hard sometimes given how bad the pain gets. Guess I should probably try to eat something .

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