This may make no sense since I didn’t write the paragraphs in the order that they appear πŸ˜…πŸ˜†

This started as a message to my friend / tattooist, whose house I have just come back from. The very top paragraph explaining the pictures of the quotes I want, I have sent to him along with the following pictures ☺️

This is what I wrote before I was able to consciously pull myself back and copy and cut the extended, not asked for, over sharing that I am trying to learn if I can do πŸ˜…

I even have a Word document that automatically updates every time I do cut something I save it in that document along with rhe date, time and who it was intended for. It’s really rather fascinating to try and teach yourself something you didn’t even consciously realise that you do πŸ˜†

When I’ve started typing something that I do in fact intend to share anyway, I usually just direcy copy here and leave it as a post. Turns out this is an extended version, since these paragraphs have not been writen in the order they appear in 🀣

Here I can share whatever I like because at least here, just me, myself and I sitting in my camp chair with a vodka and lemonade, my glasses hanging on my awesome, it’s cool to have them, glasses cord hanging around my neck, while I enjoy the nice peaceful evening that is all around me, I don’t make, want, or expect a single person to read this. Or to watch my videos. You choose to do that. But, for me, this makes me happy, feel good and it’s a place I can go when I need to talk.

TEXT “These are the other two. I’m thinking similar format/layout as the first picture on the back of each arm 😌

You want to know what my biggest realisation has been since feeling like a shift has taken during the time I spwnt with Graham is, and I realised it on the drive home and am now feeling it with such conviction that I will be using this message as a blog so that I can explain it to everyone, but more than anything else, more than …

Hmmm see I can’t switch between writing directly to someone, knowing that the message I’m writing is going to be turned into a blog, but then actually say it…

Time to copy and cut lol πŸ˜†”

If this post makes more sense than I thinm ot might right now, since I have now wittwn and changed so many things even I’m confused 🀣

So I’m going to end this simply by saying, the biggest realisation I’ve had since the shift I have felt take place, is that more than anything, I am excited to truly being ready to start working on me πŸ₯³

Once I graduate from university with my Double Degree in Philosophy and Psychology, which is so close I can see the finish line and it’s beautiful. But even more beautiful than that, is that I can now see what everyone else can see πŸ‘€

When I am passionate about something, I become animated when I speak. I became louder, more hand gestures, but what changes the most and doesn’t ever accurately show the emotion I’m feeling and that is my facial features. I know that I tend to always look angry when I’m trying to discuss anything that is important to me.

Ok so I put this down to sort out food. Bean salad is made and the timer for the vegan sausage rolls has 9:34 minute’s left. Time to hit publish and make a short video before dinner πŸ˜‹

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