Day 340: 14th December 2022 | Part 3|The end of my last psychology session for the year â˜ºï¸ðŸ˜¥

The first part is just finishing uploading now. This is the end of my psychology session, due to camera and usser issues today 😑

I still feel sad and have no energy to do anything other than make myself the toasted egg sandwich and cup of tea I made once I got home.

I’m probably going to have to make another one or something else that’s just as easy given how much noise my tummy is making 😣

I have just all the curtains in my house. Turned the electric blanket on for my bed and have my ducted heating going with a throw blanket on top of me while I hug my teddy bear I🧸

Boss has reminded me it’s still daylight outside by first looking out the window through the curtains in my room, and just now by making me get up to let him out as the dog door is closed 🐕

I wish I could magically make myself feel better but the truth of the matter is I feel like absolute shit on every level right now. I am beyond exhausted. Crying alone can cause actual physical damage to a person. Believe me, I once pulled a muscle under my rib from crying so much 😢

Anyway, Boss is back on my bed. I’m going to upload this and then figure out some more food before going back to bed. I need to get a decent sleep so I can focus on uni tomorrow.

5:58 pm

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