The Most Hated Man in the Internet on Netflix is making me feel feel completely comfortable with what I post online 🥰

I watched my video back earlier. I don’t always watch the same day but decided I would.

But since my stuff is literally just me being me to my camera in any given moment, I know that nothing will stop me from documenting my life.

I will chose this, having a place to come to share in whichever way, over anything or anyone who would expect me to stop, for whatever reason. Though I really am now able to see that I won’t be sharing the details again to anyone.

I also cut myself short when making my video earlier because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by being honest and speaking my truth. That’s when I realised I really don’t have anything left to say to anyone in real life but this website is something I created for me and intend to use until I die.

But this documentary is.. I don’t even know how to finish that sentence 😕

But I want to keep watching that’s for sure.

It’s raining and the thunder keeps getting louder which is nice ⛈️

It’s 5:25 pm and I’m in bed

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