Day 336: 10th December 2022 | I’m so constipated my butt really hurts!!πŸ˜«πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’

WOW! 20 days until I turn 37 and I have grown up so much! I couldn’t talk about bodily fluids or digestive track issues, let alone openly talk about being constipated, plus now my actual period has started 😬

Everything. Hurts. So. Bad.

But sitting down is the worst, so I really want to go and lie down on my bed and find a happy sappy Christmas feel good movie to watch and then have dinner when it arrives. I ordered half and half ro new a new simple flavour of tomatoes and…


My bladder made me come in here again 😫😭

I must go. Oh, this is just dreadful πŸ˜†πŸ€£

6:24 pm |Video uploaded to YouTube

Update: 7 pm|I have to admit, being able to talk about everything and I mean everything is extremely freeing. I have spent my entire life, that I can remember, feeling so ashamed and embarrassed by my bathroom habits. I have honestly had problems, health wise for as long as I can remember. I can now see upon looking back that fear can do that to a person.

The number one reason I have really emphasised how many different diagnoses I’ve been given over the span of my lifetime is to help remind myself that I really am doing really well, considering.

I’m already in bed. I’ve had some pizza and have plenty leftover for later if I get hungry and dinner after the picnic tomorrow lunch πŸ˜‹

I ended up settling on watching the latest season of Firefly Lane since I’m hoping to go to sleep early tonight. I need to leave home by 10:30 at the latest but i want to dust of the outside of my car, remove the sheet for Boss and dust the last two chairs.

Anyway, I really am in a lot of pain, so goodnight everyone πŸ’— Light and Love πŸ’ž

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