Day 343: 7th December 2022 | Up at 6:30 am!!🥳

Boss woke me up at around 5:30 am and I needed to get up to let him out ..

I definitely considered staying up then given the message I wrote to myself so long ago about staying up if I wake after 5 am but in the end I decided to go back to bed and snooze untily alarm went off at 6:15, and actually got up when Victor called me at 6:30 am

I wrote myself a note last night that I left on the kitchen table so that I would see it straight away.

So far so good, the first thing to do wase fried eggs on toast which I took a photo next to the alarm clock at 6:33 am lol 😆

Last night I realised that I have been stuffing around and not doing the quiz or statistics software assignment tasks due to how many people all got 100% and it’s just messed with my head. But, I have to catch up and I don’t want to spend all of the Christmas and New Years break from university, playing catchup the entire time..

I just have to finish filling my pillbox for the week and then I’ll get stuck into uni 🤓

Update: 10:20 am and I have just sat down at my desk to start working on uni ☺️

UPDATE 2: OMG!🤣 YouTube generated the funniest thumbnail ever for this video 😂

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