Just standing up now is making me feel like I’m going to vomit ðŸ¤¢

So I had come to bed 🛌

Just typing this is far more difficult than I thought it would be 😟

So far I’m enjoying this ⬆️☺️

Had plenty of delicious leftovers after managing to make pasta and sauce. The process of cooking was slow and difficult but totally worth it in the end. I even used onions I grew myself. Hmm so it’s no wonder I’m exhausted and feel the way I currently do 🤔

Absolutely delicious 😋 I cooked the food around 4 pm. I remember because I usually take my last Ritalin at 4 pm. Ritalin is what makes me lose my appetite and really struggle to eat throughout the day. At some point not longer after 4 pm, I realised I would still have the length of time been taking my medication and how long it usually takes to kick in and I realised that I could eat then 😅

Oh what I would give to feel healthy 🙄

Why did I type for this long when I’m already in so much pain? My right hand I’ve been using feels like all the bones are broken🤦‍♀️ I guess sometimes I need to write. I’ll read back over it in the morning 🤷‍♀️

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