Day 341: 5th December 2022 | Part 3 | OMG, I seriously feel really unwell😟

Thankfully though this day has not been a waste at all. I did cook myself some wholesome food and have plenty of leftovers which is great 😁

On the uni front, I can now see exactly where I was going wrong, so decided to see if I could work out the last three questions on the practice quiz amd them check my new answers against the solutions video and I am so happy to say I got them all right!!!🥳

Period pain is keeping me in this fu*ked up punched over state which is obviously causing my pain levels soaring oh amd I’ve been dealing with a side of constant nausea all day 😖

Thankfully I remembered that I have anti nausea medication, because none of my other meds are helping all that much right now 😅

I don’t think I’m going to be able to take much more information in given how I am currently feeling but I am going to spend some time using the software and trying out everything I can, since this second screen is an actual game changer in the sense that the entire 24 inch screen is purely just showing the software, with the rest of the information I need in front of me on my laptop 🤓

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