Day 338: 2nd December 2022 | I definitely need to study more πŸ˜…

I thought I was doing pretty well but only got 6/9 questions on that practice quiz correct πŸ˜…

Thankfully, I am now at the point with uni where I know I am doing my best and not going to beat myself up for not getting “perfect” grades or falling behind.

When I let someone know all of the diagnoses I’ve had over the years, most people respond with something along the lines of … “I don’t think I’d even be able to get out of bed ” so I am really focusing on how much I am achieving instead of what I’m not. Well, I am very much doing my best to focus solely on the good anyway ☺️

But on saying that, I still have a few hours of work today before spending the weekend focused on uni too.

I am hoping that if I get caught up enough by Sunday evening that I might be able to fit in a game of tennis since I canceled my Friday afternoon game today. I can barely move after tennis and I have just far too much to do 😁


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