Day 337: 1st December 2022 | Part 2 | Psychology recording 🥰

Content Warning ⚠️ mental health, self-harm, and suicide are mentioned in this recording…

I have realised since initially uploading this video that I need to clarify a few things since, upon looking back, I may appear rude or flippant regarding people with mental health issues and developmental or neurodevelopmental conditions.

I very much care about ALL people. All of us. I genuinely believe at our core frequency, we are all connected.

Like one of my tattoos says, “♡ We are all one”

So, please believe me when I say I am not nor was I trying to brush aside something a character in todays session deals with. It’s just that I also happen to know that people can be taken advantage of by someone using something to gain leverage.

Plus on top of everything, I only have 50 minutes with my therapist and usually have a lot to get through in that time.

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