Day 336: 30th November 2022 | It’s been a long day, and I’m buggered ğŸ¥±

I am so tired I can’t think of what to say here except I am hungry and must eat lol

8:19 pm

After but not raked

It still needs to be evened out but it looks even better after managing to rake half. Though that was caused the sudden and intense pain in my back. Thankfully I am just so happy with getting it done and super grateful to Andrew who lets me borrow his power mower which takes most of the actual work and effort out of the mowing.

So happy

I cut basically everything that I can into bite sized pieces so I can eat with a spoon 😅😂

This is currently paused on my tv. It is so good I want to keep watching, but I am so tired I think I’m going to have to choose the sensible grown up decision to go to sleep 😴

Boss is happy 🥰

This was in my kitchen but I’ve added it stuck it on my tv stand so that I see it upon waking ☺️

Anyway, it’s 9:58 pm and I’ve just turned off the tv. I need to sleep now that’s for sure 😴

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