Too much too soon is never wise 🤯

I have realised just recently that I am trying to add too much into my life at once. Uni has to be my main focus until I graduate, and I want to start eating better and getting healthier and fitter with tennis, that as much as I really want to join Toastmasters now, I have decided this evening that I actually going to wait until I finish and graduate university.

I know I’m not mentally, emotionally or physically able to handle absolutely everything that I would like to be able at this time. But thankfully this realisation has helped relieve some of the pressure I’ve been putting on myself.

I am still trying to figure out how to best manage my day when it comes to studying and I’m only doing one unit at a time.

I had for the most part a really lovely day. Yet as the time went by my irritation began to rise. This time I am proud to say, as soon as I realising the spiral was coming, I immediately packed up my uni stuff and put Netflix on and something to eat.

I believe everything happens for a reason. I have met people from these few TM meetings that I have attended who I believe will stay in my life as a friend. I still absolutely want to join, so it’s not like I’ve changed my mind, I just have to finish my degree first.

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