Day 322: 16th November 2022 | Today’s Psychology Appointment Recording πŸ˜

Today my therapist was so cool, she actually said, set up the camera and start recording before we get into anything, so, I’m super happy by this πŸ˜…πŸ₯°

Given everything that has transpired in the past week I am really happy with how well this session went ☺️

I am home now and after I have finished uploading this video, I am going to sort through the sheets that Graham’s Mum gave me. Then I can change my sheets and vacuum the rest of my house that still needs to be done.

Today has definitely been one of those strange emotional roller-coaster days. I slept in until approximately 11:30 am, since lately I have been having the best dreams and considering my emotional cup is on empty at the moment, I guess I just prefer sleeping and my dreams more than real life 😴

But, as we all know, the real world just keeps on going. I knew I needed to get straight in the shower so I wouldn’t end up “stuck” if I’d had coffee and breakfast first. I’m still really struggling to process some of the things I have been told and ended up balling my eyes out sitting in the shower until I felt safe enough to get back up and get out, since I had started crying while conditioning my hair but had thankfully done everything else needed πŸ™„

I had received a message from Victor which I replied to once out of the shower, trying to warm up while waiting for the heat to kick in. I told him I had therapy from 2-3 pm so if he was free he could come afterwards. However, I very quickly realised that based on the fact it was 12 pm and he lives close by that he could come for a coffee before I needed to leave. I am beyond grateful that he did. I instantly felt better and like myself again.

Anyway I, still felt uneasy about someone new coming to my place for the first time as it was, so, I was able to pull my shit together and vacuum the kitchen, living room, hallway, laundry and toilet before he arrived and I am so damn proud of myself πŸ₯°

All of this is discussed in this recorded therapy video πŸ˜†

So, now I am having a coffee while writing this, and am them going to do what I can regarding more housework etc. Once I’ve done this, I’m going to connect my laptop to my TV and lie on my bed watching the weekly content for the statistics unit I am currently studying while adding notes I think are important onto the printed and bound booklets I have already made for this subject πŸ˜…

Oh, and I even got petrol today which of course cost a fortune, but on the bright side I have proud of myself for managing so well and am starting to feel more like myself again and thats what I care about the most right now, since one day I want to help others but to do so means figuring myself out first 😌

UPDATE: It is now 9:55 pm now 😊

I will add a thumbnail picture to this later πŸ˜…

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