This packet of chocolate has lasted a lot longer than usual 🤨

So delicious

10:44 pm I should be asleep but clearly I’m not 🤷‍♀️

I am sad and that’s ok

But what is making me feel really sad and mad at myself, therefore in my most vulnerable state, is the fact that I haven’t really achieved anything this weekend and am basically no further ahead than I was on Friday evening, is threatening to break me and send me spiralling which I must means that I have to be even kinder to myself.

I honestly thought I would have submitted it buy now. 10:54 Sunday night. It’s due tomorrow night 11:55 pm.

I hadn’t read the second or third questions since first reading in upon starting the assignment. I read second one again today.

So, I am have so much to do still so I’m going to shut up and say goodnight 😴

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