I’ve been lying on my couch next to Boss with the only light coming from the salt lamp πŸŒ πŸ’ž

I don’t know why but this memory of a funny story Mr X told me just popped into my mind and bought with it the biggest smile to my face πŸ’œ

Look at the title

This is what is currently playingβ¬†οΈπŸ˜

Ah the Universe is speaking so loud and clear these days.. I wish I could keep up

But first Mr X’s cute little story ☺️ Given how irrealy similar we are in basically every single way, we obviously spent hours talking about every and anything. We were able to be completely and utterly ourselves in a vulnerable way, I think, because it was so easy. Everything just fit πŸ’— I’m losing myself in how happy and loved I feel right now 😌 so, anyway, he asks me if I’ve heard the superstition about throwing salt over your shoulder and I said yes. He then goes on to tell me the first time he was told it πŸ˜„ He told me took it literally (hmm who else takes everything literally πŸ€”πŸ˜‚) so he threw the entire salt shaker on the table over his shoulder πŸ˜† I’m seriously cracking up thinking about this memory 🀣 I’m loving every single thing in this moment right now.

Thanks Google 🀭

9:10 pm

I don’t even remember exactly what I was planning on writing about but I do know it wasn’t something this happy so I’m extremely grateful for even more πŸ™

More than anything though, the happiness and gratitude I feel for finally getting to the point where I knew 100% that none of you have to understand anything I say and share when I speak of Mr X because I can see myself from many different perspectives given I’ve loved Mr X for approximately 8 years or so and what I feel is real. I talk about absolutely everything in my life and how it affects me and he’s a big part πŸ₯°

9:21 pm |I’m going to bed now 😴

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