This episode of Working Moms on Netflix is hitting close to home 🥺

There are obviously reasons why I don’t have a close group of friends. Why do I spend so much time on my own. I keep thinking about the same things like I said in my video. I am the reason for my circumstances and therefore lack of close friends.

I think I have spent my entire life from as young as I can remember dreaming of having a friendship group like those in ‘Friends’ or ‘How I Met Your Mother’ or a group of girlfriends such as that in ‘Sex And The Sexy’. I know this will never happen. Deep down I know this. Yet lately I feel like I is I’m saying the wrong thing or doing the right thing..

I just want to focus on uni and that’s it. My psychiatrist suggested taking time off from my studies but I just want to graduate now.

Writing a thesis on something incredibly important is what I’m excited about regarding university. But until then I still want to get the best grades. I have a letter from Psychiatrist just in case I need extra time for the assignments. I think I am going to ask to have until Monday night maybe. Too be honest writing that is the first time I have become fully aware of it.

10:41 pm

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