Day 271: 26th September 2022 | Had emotional panic attack that bought me to bed πŸ˜”

Thankfully I managed to get some work on my assignment done before hand ☺️

Now I am watching Netflix and waiting for my garlic pizza to arrive πŸ˜‹

Update: it’s 7:42 pm and I feel sick. Why do I do this to myself?? The only time I eat cheese is on pizza and the random fake looking slice in the McPlant burger at McDonald’s, and I think that because that’s how little I eat it that maybe it messes with my tummy when I do. I have just felt so sad and flat this afternoon. I have decided to cut an actual sleeping pill in half and take it as soon as I post this and turn my meditation on. Even though the majority of the time, it feels like I’m “handling things well”, internally I feel like I could sleep for a week or ten. Goodnight everyone πŸ’•

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